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Our Story

Building a local accountancy firm

We fell in love with this beautiful countryside.

Prioritising Bespoke Solutions

Though RJ Wilber Chartered Accountants has expanded over time, its dedication to offering tailored solutions remains the same. Understanding that every client presents a unique financial backdrop and aspirations, the firm steers clear of generic solutions. They champion a culture of engagement, finding solutions that are tailored to individual circumstances and needs.

For local businesses, deciphering the intricate financial terrains can be overwhelming. RJ Wilber has consistently been a guide for them, ensuring their financial frameworks are robust, compliant, and sustainable.

A Testament to Cotswold Excellence

Nestled amidst the idyllic vistas of the Cotswolds lies a firm that prides itself on its bespoke and friendly service with a fervent commitment to tax efficiency. RJ Wilber Chartered Accountants in Bidford hasn’t just established a business; they’ve woven a legacy infused with the charm and principles of its beautiful surroundings.

Establishing Roots in the Cotswolds

RJ Wilber Chartered Accountants offer not just accounting solutions but enduring partnerships anchored in trust and a deep-rooted passion for business success.

Champions of Tax Efficiency

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, tax efficiency isn’t merely about adherence; it’s a cultivated skill. A skill that RJ Wilber has perfected. Tax efficiency goes beyond just minimising liabilities; it’s a comprehensive strategy ensuring clients reap optimal financial benefits.

Delving deep into UK tax legislation, leveraging exemptions, and adapting to the fluidity of regulations demands expertise that RJ Wilber has consistently demonstrated. For them, optimising tax efficiency isn’t a mere service; it’s a commitment.

Building a Trustworthy Legacy

Whilst numbers and fiscal codes constitute a significant chunk of the firm’s daily undertakings, it’s the relationships they’ve fostered that they regard as their crowning glory. RJ Wilber isn’t just a financial firm; it’s a trusted confidante. A partner that not only celebrates fiscal milestones but also offers sage counsel during financial ambiguities, laying out a clear path for future endeavours.

Our focus

We specialise in tax efficient accounting, helping businesses and individuals to navigate complex accountancy requirements.

Rebecca Wilber, Director

Our ethos

No-nonsense approach

At the heart of our firm lies an unwavering dedication to delivering bespoke financial solutions tailored to each unique client. But we’re not just about numbers and balance sheets. We have perfected the art of tax efficiency, ensuring that our clients not only remain compliant but also optimise their financial benefits.

Yet, what truly sets us apart is the way we engage with our clientele and community. We don’t see ourselves as merely a service provider; we are partners in your financial journey. Our legacy is built upon enduring partnerships, deep-seated trust, and an intrinsic commitment to championing local businesses and individual aspirations.

Rebecca Wilber,
Chartered Accountant 

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